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From planning till last mile
  • Team A team of logistics and supply chain management experts;
  • Lightbulb A proven added value at minimum risks;
  • Globe An international standards organization.
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Who we are ?

Oil and Gas capital projects often lack in-house logistics expertise.
Not being the major source of immediate mission, it can, in revenge, become a major source of delays and therefore, financial losses.

To remediate to the problem, LSCM proposes a global Logistics and Supplay Chain Management approach.

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Project Planning, Execution & Management

Since 2006, LSCM has helped major companies from all over the world to successfully plan and execute supply chain logistics. Our diverse experience and success with modern technology integration enable us to fully grasp the complexities and concerns of supply chain logistics.

  • One stop desk Fifth Party Logistics (5-PL)
  • Procurement (local and foreign)
  • Audit of existing logistics and supply chain organization
  • Design and execution of logistics solutions
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Immediate impacts of logistics and supply
chain management


Our Business Ethics

We never give up. Operating worldwide.

We defend the idea that operating & executing supply chain jobs should not become a risk for international operators.


Both international and local laws and regulations can favor the activities of the companies, if well known, understood and observed.


We execute in total compliance with rules, regulations and procedures applicable in the country and on the projects.


We make it our mission to advise on the best options, with minimum risks at both; middle and long terms.