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LNG, Capital Project Management

Published on 21st July 2011 LSCM Brassing LSCM Brassing
A cost effective solution

We offer integrated logistics services, which get rid of the intermediaries and their cumulative margins. LSCM will be part of LNG PMT as 4 PL provider (4th Party Logistics).

By sharing common resources within LNG project organization and optimizing the flows due to a global consolidation, LSCM will set up a dedicated and customized cost control and cost reduction program.

Other benefits

What other benefits can be derived from the LSCM range of services ?

LSCM advantages reside both from its integrated system, which relieves other consortium partners of Non-core business activities, and also from our Group of companies who are established and renowned experts in our respective fields in the Nigerian Energy sector.

The optimization of your Logistics Chain, through a Cost and Resources Efficient Policy Nigerian based Logistics Planning and Supervision.

Review of advantages

4th Party Logistics

1 single point of contact from origin to Nigeria

  • Integrated Logistics = Chain optimization and Cost efficiency (from 8% to 21% cost reduction on SCM)

Nigerian based Logistics planning

  1. Inclusion of in-country/projects specifics
  2. Actualization of Local content Policy
  3. In-country Fiscal domiciliation of revenue
  4. Reduction of foreign currency expenditures

Our objectives

Become the LNG Preferred Logistics Provider

Offer Project Specific Schemes for all forthcoming projects extension and upstream extensions.

Become a LNG Success Story

Logistics Management being now recognized as a major non-core activity, LNG should use this unique opportunity to actualize its Local content objectives, while promoting the idea that Nigerians projects will be better served by Nigerian based Corporations.